FIB Unmaked Dominator GTX [Add-On | Sound] 1.0

FIB Unmaked Dominator GTX [Add-On | Sound] 1.0

“Step one: take the best-looking muscle car the 60’s ever
saw, and introduce it to the greatest American supercar of
the modern era. Step two: leave them alone in a quiet
garage with a few dozen shots of high octane gas, plenty
of axel grease and nothing else to do. Step three: the
Dominator GTX is born, and it’s hungry. When your
pedigree is this damn good, there’s nothing wrong
with keeping it in the family.”

– Copy The fibdomg Dlc Folder To mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
– Added The Line From Readme To Your dlclist.xml
– Spawn Name :: fibdomg ::

– custom engine sound from Dominator GTX
– with police sirens and police radio

– 1.0 – Initial release


– Rockstar Games Original model
– TheF3nt0n For Model edits
– TheF3nt0n For Screenshots
– AG_MODS For Add-On Folder

Download mod

FileFile size
rar FIB Dominator GTX4 MB

1 thought on “FIB Unmaked Dominator GTX [Add-On | Sound] 1.0

  1. Is there a way you can send me this car in obj format or z3d.
    I’m going to use it for personal use and I really want the car, I want to turn it into a saleen Black Label car if you can send it too my email [email protected]
    Thank you,

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