Paramedic Rescue w/ Light Tower [ELS] 1.00

Paramedic Rescue w/ Light Tower [ELS] 1.00

[ELS] 2018 Ford F450 SIngleCab Paramedic light Rescue with Lightower by candimods #FiveM #SP

Paramedic rescue or supervisor truck
multilivery capable up to 8 liverys, template and one sample livery included.

Here’s another awesome model i’ve been working on hope you enjoy.

Light tower operate via Boot,
Turns on with highbeams
Longboard on roof rack
Front ram bar with winch
Rear towhitch

Extra_ten – empty
Extra_11 front searchlight
Extra_12 scene SCL


Ambulance model from turbosquid
Ford bases from turbosquid
Powerload credit to xbr
Animations by Candi
Ambulance box from lcpdfr Dev section, redone and interior added by troopergoetz
17F450 Dev model from troopergoetz
17F450 mapping and air freshner by troopergotez
Base model 18fordf350 from jwalker
18F450 base from lamping
Dev Police accessories gtamod by devinkan
New uv mapping by candimods
Liberty II to lamping/sobo
Livery by Candi and Kyledamedic
Special thanks to jwalker for non els conversion
& Veteran mods
Various parts off other vehicles from gta
Fsq indicators by tomcatt gta v
Fsq and m4’s by tomcatt
Whelen m4 by james
Ultrafreedom by otaku
Quadflares by otaku
whelen m2 converted by StraightGlitcheZ from lcpdfr
med equip from MP Doomsday DLC R*
lifepak15 by cheese
2010 Ford Econoline Type 2 Ambulance Van Built by Malley Industries by Cray Sellick
cool beans and jearbear rescue and various other parts, longboard, etc
light tower by AEMT
cfd9437 tanker truck and trailer assorted
truck utility body by cool beans
services bodies by cool beans, jearbear, big Red

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