Flywheels Couch Supreme [Add-On | LODs] 1.1

Flywheels Couch Supreme [Add-On | LODs] 1.1

Most people know the saying “third time is the charm”. While this may be right in some cases, not this time for what could really surpass the Motorpotty? Probably nothing but this is a strong second. Introducing the Flywheels Couch Supreme.

Feel free to use this cars on your FiveM servers if you can make them work on there yourself. I will not make a FiveM addon. And do under no circumstances sell this mod!

1 extra that adds a PRB bodypillow

unpack the .zip file and drag the couchcar folder into your mods folder
add the line:
to dlclist.xml in update.rpf in the mods folder

spawnname: couchcar


Rockstar Games: Original couch model & exhausts model
Smukkeunger aka me: Texturing, editing models, modelling, porting, Add-On, pictures etc.
MMTGarage: Pictures
R3tr0 Drlv3r: Pictures
josepo90: Commissioner
13Stewartc: Fixed textures

Download mod

File File size
zip Couchcar 3 MB

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