Grapeseed Police Department [Vehicles | EUP | Lore-Friendly | Add-On] 1.0.0

Grapeseed Police Department [Vehicles | EUP | Lore-Friendly | Add-On] 1.0.0

This mod adds the Grapeseed Police Department into GTA V, one of the more obscure and underfunded departments of San Andreas. If you thought Paleto Bay was reeking of corruption and drug problems, then you haven’t seen the lovely city of Grapeseed. Consisting of three houses and 60 acres of corn fields, you’d be suprised how deadly and unwelcome such a small town can be.

This pack includes three vehicles and some basic uniforms.
All the clothing in this pack is add-on and doesn’t replace any existing uniforms.

Vapid Stanier
Dundreary Landstalker
Declasse Merit

Class C


Stanier: Fenton, 11john11
Landstalker: IlayArye
Merit: IVPack Team, Yard1, Monky, 11john11, AlexanderLB
Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model: Skitty
Police toughbook model / Police console model: Vx5 Voltage
Lightbar: Jacobmaate
Grapeseed logo: Ambient
Screenshots: DiPierro, 11john11, Mighty
Beta-testing: Swedsson, stegano3, DiPierro, 11john11

Download mod

FileFile size
zip gpdnf12 MB

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