Kanto Shenanigans Drift Dominator GTT [Add-On | LODs | Handling] 2.0

Kanto Shenanigans Drift Dominator GTT [Add-On | LODs | Handling] 2.0

Fat and Somewhat Irritated: Kanto Region Shenanigans (2021 Remake)

A complete revamp to my first mod on this site. Now only a single car based on the new Dominator GTT as it resembles the real Tokyo Drift movie car much closer than the old Dominator Classic mod or the Ellie.

Spawn name: driftdominator

Open the ZIP archive and drop the folder driftdominator into mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\
Then go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and add the line


to dlclist.xml

Known bugs/issues:
-Handling is still a little wonky, I may or may not fix this down the line (or you could make me one :pleading_face:)
-Somewhat high yft sizes, but they should be fine (2.2mb for _hi, 1.7mb for regular)
-High ytd size (2.3mb)
-Engine lods are still shit
-Leftover data entries from the Ellie; this does not cause any stability issues on my end, but do let me know if you run into any. I’m not going to update the mod just to fix that as its currently stable and not worth it to wait for another approval and change the primary mod file


Rockstar Games – Base assets

IGnoTon – Japanese plate model
RooST4R – Wheel caps, bolts and new tires
NorthwindJME – Air filter textures

Fuksias – Handling assistance

Eveything else was done by K1LLFANTASY

Download mod

File File size
rar domannimopack 14 MB
zip driftdominator 6 MB

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