Lada Vaz2106 Baku Style Edition for Grand Theft Auto V3

Lada Vaz2106 Baku Style Edition for Grand Theft Auto V3

Lada Vaz2106 Baku Style Edition for Grand Theft Auto V ^#Rauf Alizade

This car converting and rebuild from Rauf Alizade.İf you want to share other groups please emphasize Author!!!

1.Change Wheels (OZ Wheels Creating from Ali Pashayev)
2.Change interior to Lada Vaz2107.
3.Editing dashboard new style.
4.Cahnge doors windows and mirrors to lada2107.
5.Change Engine.
6.Add Azerbaijan Plates(Extra_4,Extra_5)İf you want to delete plates you can disabled it from trainer (Car components).
7.Car has accustical musicial system.
(İnterior:6 pieces 650 watt chrom pioneer speakers + 1 piece big speaker 1200 watt pioneer.).
(İn trunk of the car:1 piece 2400 watt Alphard car amplifier + (2400 watt loud spekars pioneer Ali Pashaev.

8.Front seats changing to lada2107 has 2 LG monitor.
9.On dashboard also has Pioneer auidio system with manitor.
10.Add extra iphone 5s + sigarette MARLBORO.
11.Add extra curtains for back mirror and back doors mirrors(!You can also change curtains color fromtrainer Paint2)
12.Add siren system.
13.Also added speaker for siren system.
14.Add long mirror interior.
15.Add X ornamental.
16.Also FrontEND(Perodok) creating from 0 and rebuild for reality by me.
17.Add components on bonnet.
18.Add exhaust system.
19.Car Col files are working(get damage)
20.Active dashboard+mirrors(Still to 140 km/h)
21.Cars calotte paint cahnging

V2 Version Uptated

Car has full animation…

Full animation
1.Car front mirrors open/close
2.X ornament has action(Bobblehead)
3.Dashborad active
4.Engine has action
5.Engine belts are working
6.Flag has action.

!!! Warning
İn rar archive has 2 folder
Folder which name is animations is uptated version.
İf you want old version(no animated version) you can also install other folder files.

1.Using program Open IV
2.Open program go find x64e
3.then open levels folder,gta 5 and last vehicle.rpf you can replace car files with sentinel
5.İt’s done you can drive this mod in game.

Uptated version are available now v3…
1.Change engine
2.Car paint 2 (Change calotte color)


Rauf Alizade

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