Lamborghini Urus LSPD [Unlocked | Template | NO-ELS | SP & FiveM] 06.05

Lamborghini Urus LSPD [Unlocked | Template | NO-ELS | SP & FiveM] 06.05

As Q Custom, we have decided to publish a great paid content for you for free!
Lamborghini Urus , where you can feel endurance, power and speed at the same time, is now free!

Features of the car:

▸Breakable Glasses
▸Custom Steering Wheel
▸Hands on the Wheel
▸Custom Made Animated Spoilers
▸Interior Special Lighting
▸Handling Perfected
▸All Codes Open
▸Wheel Locked
▸Vibrating and Running Engine
▸All Damage Textures Working
▸Custom Made Coating
▸NON ELS Working Siren System
▸Radar Objects Available

Handling settings of the car are specially made and all files are constantly updated

How to Install (FiveM)

▸Extract the RaR file to the desktop
▸Find the FiveM Ready files in the ECPD folder
▸Throw it into the resource, then write ensure ECPD in scripts.cfg and save.
▸Start your server.

Installation (ADDON)
To install the addon version, first go to update/x64/dlcpacks.
Then create a folder called policeurus, and drag the dlc.rpf into that folder.
After that, add an item with dlcpacks:/policeurus/ to dlclist.xml, which is located in /update/update.rpf/common/data. In-game you can spawn it with the name policeurus. Enjoy!

What is ZModeler File?

ZModeler File is a file that contains skins, open to development without the need to crack directly. With this file you can enhance or modify the tool.

We did not add any hidden textures or textures inside the ZModeler file!

You can ask anything you want or wonder !


Sirens not working ?
▹Add the Lux Vehicle Control plugin, which has credits in the file, to your server, it will solve these sirens.

How do I change the livery ?
▹You can change the skin with the Template included in the file. While doing this, you need to use Photohop and extract the files in .DDS format.
▹After doing this, change the police_sign_1 file in eternal.ytd using OPEN IV or add the new skin as police_sign_2.

I don’t know how to use Zmodeler but I want to make changes.
▹In these cases, we do our best to assist you, review custom orders, and usually do not charge for free vehicles, but be aware that sometimes charges may apply.


Model from : Forza Horizon 4

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Download mod

File File size
rar Lamborghini Urus Police Car 93 MB

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