LSPD + LSSD Pack 1.0

LSPD + LSSD Pack 1.0

A little pack featuring a couple of LSPD and LSSD vehicles in my own style, all of them made using the newest improved base models and equipment by the community and me.
Months have been put into the development of this pack to make sure all vehicles appear polished and are up to my quality standards.
The featured vehicles take inspiration from their real life counterparts without straying too far away from, or even ignoring or dumping Rockstar Games carefully crafted lore.

This pack was made with LSPDFR usage in mind and has been tested extensively with it right from the beginning,
it was made sure that all vehicles have their role in the mod and enhance the gameplay, you can also find equipment added for extra LSPDFR immersion such as the “Trackify Stolen Vehicle Tracking System”, which is a randomly spawning extra on all patrol cars,
it’s creation was inspired by the stolen vehicle tracking callout from the plugin “Simple Callouts” by Bejoljo.
Additionally all street patrol cars feature trunk equipment, so you don’t have to look at a big pile of nothing while having the trunk opened.
The Sheriff Stanier additionally features a speed radar system
(you are going to need it in Los Santos County, trust me)

This pack includes:

LSPD Stanier – “police”
(can spawn with multiple lighting setup variations: LED, Rotor and Slicktop)
LSPD Stanier unmarked – “police4”
LSPD Prisoner Transport Speedo – “policet2”
(has a LSSD livery as second livery variation)
LSPD Buffalo – “police2”
LSPD Interceptor – “police3”
LSPD Beach Patrol Contender – “beachp”
LSSD Stanier – “sheriff”
(can spawn with multiple lighting setup variations: LED, Rotor and Slicktop)


Fenton – mapped Stanier, mapped Contender, mapped Speedo
Voit Turyv – Buffalo model, improved slicktop/unmarked interior lights, Stanier improvements, dash cam, interior console, police computer
Vx5 Voltage – overhauled Stanier and Interceptor models, police tablet, bumper stickers, overhauled vanilla LED lightbar
glennoconnell – stock Contender
Eddlm – new Contender handling
AlexanderLB – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture, police computer and tablet wallpaper texture, bumper stickers.
Jacobmaate – round LED texture
Baka – some parts of the trunk equipment
Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.
stegano3, AnthonyThe1081, Ambient, bravo_1_charlie – beta testing, ideas

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