Majestic County – Del Norte County Sheriff Pack (Lore Friendly | Add-On | Non-ELS | DLS) V1.0

Majestic County - Del Norte County Sheriff Pack (Lore Friendly | Add-On | Non-ELS | DLS) V1.0

Beyond the deserts hidden among the redwoods, and flanked by the vast ocean lies possibly San Andreas’ most boring county, Majestic. With less than 2,500 residents squished into a 2 square mile radius, you would think crime would be incredibly high. But as luck has it, majority of Majestic County’s residents are either over the age of retirement, or too loaded on opiates to even move. This means 80% of your shift can be spent sleeping, picking your nose or planting evidence on random pedestrians. The other 20% is dedicated to the one-off special-ops style bank robbery, or countless welfare check calls that will most certainly end in an officer-involved shooting. Just hope that if you do find yourself staring down the barrel of a schizophrenic felon’s bump-stocked rifle that you don’t take one to your vitals, because the ambulance is over 25 minutes away, and staffed by a crew of clueless hicks.

This Add-On DLC Pack contains 1 vehicle based on the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office, featuring high quality lore-friendly assets, as well as 7 EUP textures for the latest EUP & SUP 9.5/8.5.

There is 1 Buffalo STX, and 7 EUP Textures.

To install, simply drop the argg_mso DLC Pack into your dlcpacks folder, and add argg_mso to your dlclist.xml. The EUP textures contain their own install instructions.


Toxic – Lightbar, Radio, Siren Controller, Laptop, Partition, Buffalo STX Base Model, Console, Mic, LED Modules, Pushbar
DustyFlop – Trunk Gear
Seth – Trunk Gear
JacobMaate – Spotlights, Window Bars
11john11 – Antennas
AllenKennedy – Shotgun Model

Download mod

FileFile size
zip Argg Del Norte Majestic Co Sheriff Pack13 MB

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