Maze Bank Arena Department of Public Safety Pack V1.0

Maze Bank Arena Department of Public Safety Pack V1.0

Welcome to the home of the Los Santos Panic basketball team, where celebrities always get the hottest seats in the house. The stars don’t try, get paid millions of dollars, constantly go on strike, and the concessions are insanely expensive. Truly the meaning of sports is alive and well in Los Santos! Meanwhile, a force of officers stand on the frontline, providing essential police services to meet the arena’s rather unique safety and law enforcement needs, despite the fact the LSPD is always around the corner waiting to step in. Since 2014, the San Andreas Highway Patrol has been contracted to provide control, governance, priming, and bureaucracy for the Department of Public Safety, but between you and me, they’ve been around a lot longer than that.

This mod adds several Maze Bank Arena Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement vehicles and peds (and a cone prop!) to the game, courtesy of seasoned_shrimp, DustyFlop, et al.

You will need SirenSetting LimitAdjuster for the emergency lighting to function properly.
It is heavily suggested you also install MPClothes (by DustyFlop, Jacobmaate, seasoned_shrimp, et al) for additional content, not limited to just MBDPS.

1) Start OpenIV.
2) Navigate to the ‘mods’ folder, or create one if you have not already.
3) Drag the entire ‘mbdps’ folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
4) Find dlclist.xml – which is located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
5) Edit the dlclist.xml and add dlcpacks:\mbdps\ at the bottom.


seasoned_shrimp – Retro Staniers, Retro DPS Uniform, misc. edits
DustyFlop – Peds, Buffalo, and newer Stanier, New DPS Uniform, misc. edits
Jacobmaate – Spotlights, Liberty, Stanier base, misc. edits
11john11 – MX7000, Antennas, Siren Controllers
Nacho – Buffalo base
weeby – Trunk organizer
Jerry521 – Screenshots, Video

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