Met’s Custom Engine Sound Pack [Add-On | Sound] 1.0

Met's Custom Engine Sound Pack [Add-On | Sound] 1.0

This is an add-on (not replacing anything!) with custom AWC files: Heavily modified custom engine/exhaust audio, which can be loaded onto any vehicle by changing audioNameHash in the vehicles.meta
It adds AWC files along with custom DAT151 and DAT54 REL files used for audio configuration.

Indicators have sounds.
Engine Fan has sounds.
Fivem version for the multiplayer community!

Sounds in Pack:
COYOTE 5.0L V8 Commissioned by Kami
HEMI 6.7L V8 Commissioned by tkMaukingbird

== Changelog v1.0 ==
First Release
HEMI 6.7L V8

== Installation ==
The latest OpenIV version is needed to install this mod.

CodeWalker’s latest dev release is also recommended for those seeking to tune the sounds for themselves, in order to edit the REL files. This can be found here:

Detailed instructions are provided in a readme.txt for each mod.

For ANY of your cars, vanilla or mods, you need to find and open its corresponding vehicles.meta, find and change the audioNameHash line.


Met (author/editor of this mod)
Aquaphobic (teacher)
Monky (hands-on guidance/REL documentation)
LamboFreak (guide to creating custom audio, existing custom sound banks)
Rockstar Games (the game and its assets)
Dexyfex (CodeWalker RPF Explorer/REL Editor)
InfamousSabre (hands-on guidance)
RooST4R (hands-on guidance)
w/ (REL documentation)
And the people who commissioned these mods to be created

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