Need For Speed Classic’s Pack [Add-On | Tuning] V1.1

Need For Speed Classic's Pack [Add-On | Tuning] V1.0

After many hours of working, i can present the finest addition for Gta 5.

As this cars were made for an 3rd person game only the interiors are MQ unfortunatly but the exterior are HQ.

In this Pack you will find old and new Classics from the NFS games like:
– Rachels Nissan from NFS Underground2
– Eddies Skyline from NFS Underground [right-hand drive]
– Modern version of Darius Audi R8 from NFS Carbon
– The classic BMW M3 E46 GTR from NFS Most Wanted
– An updated modern version of Razors Ford Mustang from NFS Most Wanted

Installation guides are included as .txt


EA for the car models
NFS Heat community for the liverys

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zip NFS Classics Pack 190 MB

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