Rimac Concept 2 2019 [Add-On | Extras | Template] 1.2

Rimac Concept 2 2019 [Add-On | Extras | Template] 1.2

-Working spoiler
-Working Dials
-Included Template for making custom PJs
-HQ Interior
-HQ Exterior
-HQ Engine
-Proper Dirt Mapping
-All Regular Car Functions
-Color of Rim Ring can be changed by Wheel color menu in manyoo (not the one in car paint)
-Extra 1 Front Splitter
-Extra 2 Spoiler

-LIGHTS color of side and front LED can be changed by replacing your color image with light_clr texture in Rimac.ytd file with help of openiv,make sure you use Replace function.

Stock Spoiler and Forza spoiler will collide and i can’t disable stock spoiler,so enable forza spoiler only at the time you wanna take photos or if you dont mind using 2 spoilers at once

Instructions given inside.



Download mod

File File size
zip Rimac 1.2 28 MB

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