Toyota Hilux Vigo 2012-2015 [Add-On | Replace | FiveM | Version 3 | Livery | Extras | Template | Tuning 200+ | Dirt] 1.3

Toyota Hilux Vigo 2012-2015 [Add-On | Version 3 | Livery | Extras | Template | Tuning 200 | Dirt] 1.2

Toyota Hilux Vigo 2012-2015

[Add-On | Version 3 | Livery | Extras | Template | Tuning 200 | Dirt]

[General info]

Color 1: Body
Color 2: Interior
Color 4: Optional Rims


LODs (L0-L1-L2-L3)
Original high-quality convert
versions (3)
HQ Exterior
HQ Interior
HQ Doorsills, Engine, and Trunk
Real Life Light Setup
Dirt Mapping
Tuning Custom Parts (200)
Full Digital Dials
Mirrors Reflection
Livery support (template included for body and windows)
Breakable Glass
Tow Hook And Support For Trailers
Realistic colors
Random Side-Line
Three More Versions (Rims & Drag Off-Road)
Working and breakable halogens
Working steering wheel and correct hand placement
Character Sits Correctly
Dirt and scratches on the bodywork
Bullet holes on bodywork and mirrors
Correct Tint Glass
Tires blow-out correctly
Working Neons
Openable bonnet, boot, And doors
Customizable Wheels
Damage All Body
Possibility to lower the suspension
Realistic Handling
Works with FiveM
Two-seater Trunk Body
The real name of the car in the Add-On
(LED, Antl, sunroof)

Engine 9
Engine (6)
Hood (14)
Cage (4)
Grill (5)
Rear Trunk Vehicle bodywork (26)
Skirt (7)
Bumpers Front (20)
Bumpers Rear (4)
Spoiler (3)
Air Filter (5)
Height 7
Brace 1
brow 7
Scoop 3
Steel wheel 6
Random Elements
Liveries Side-Line 2R (18) 4X4 Side-Line (15)
And many other extras discovered


original version vehicle
Add-on spawn: hilux1

original version vehicle + rims
Add-on spawn: hilux2

version off-road drag
Add-on spawn: hilux3


Author of scratch-made model: Forza Horizon 4

Official GTA V Edit and convert by gtavmodscar

Textures: gtavmodscar

screenshots/edit: gtavmodscar

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