Vapid Executioner Fire Pack [ADDON]

Vapid Executioner Fire Pack [ADDON]

Last time I brought you the Police Pack of the Vapid Executioner and now I bring you something else: The firefighter version of the Executioner. Another lore-friendly fire department car with some classic style.

This is a Vapid Executioner pack with various fire liveries to expand the car pool of the fire departments around San Andreas. The Vapid Executioner is a lore friendly version of the 2000 Ford Excursion, taking some features from the already existing Vapid Sadler. The pack includes 3 versions of the Executioner in the form of the LSFD, the LSIAFD and the BCFD as lore-friendly as possible taking inspiration also from their real counterparts and design.

For this mod I had to modify Carrythxd’s Civilian Executioner to fit a firefighter version. If there’s any problem I’d like you to report it and I’ll fix it in the future

3 Vapid Executioner Fire Variants:
-Los Santos Fire Department
-Los Santos International Airport Fire Department
-Blaine County Fire Department

-Drag the mod folder into your dlcpacks folder and add “fireexecutioner” into your dlclist.xml using OPENIV


-Rockstar Games: Base Model (Vapid Sadler) and Sirens
-Thundersmacker: Converted to GTA IV
-G.C.T.: Edited to Vapid Executioner
-Carrythxd: Originall conversion to GTA V
-TheF3nt0n: Reconversion to GTA V
-Jacobmaate: Interior props
-Dani02: Improvements
-Johnny362000: Handling
-Dani02: Handling edition
-VanillaWorks discord: advice and help
-Monkeypolice188: Inspiration and some little texture details

Download mod

FileFile size
zip fireexecutioner12 MB

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