Vapid Interceptor Police Package [Add-On | Replace | Mapped] 1.0

Vapid Interceptor Police Package [Add-On | Replace | Mapped] 1.0

“The paragon of inevitability and the representative of conformity, the Interceptor is the one thing you’ll have a run-in with at least once in your life – whether you like it or not. For all its sins, its ownership is practically a carte blanche to drive like a total nutter and be a judge to any soul in your way. And nobody’s gonna do a damn thing about it. May the law be with you”

Lore friendly inspired mod of the now discontinued Ford (Taurus) Police Interceptor Sedan. The original R* model is mostly based off the 2010 Taurus Concept, but I’ve added some design cues from the 2014+ models.
This is also a companion piece to my Torrence SSO mod, a civilian incarnation of the Interceptor.

Version 1.0 Contains the following models:

– Vapid Police Interceptor – LSPD Cruiser and Slicktop (intcept)
– Unmarked Interceptor – Police Undercover Unit (intcept2)
– Vapid Police Interceptor – LSSD Cruiser (intcept3)
– Unmarked Interceptor – FIB/Covert Unit (intcept4)

– All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, proper LODs etc
– Revamped Vapid Interceptor model, with bug fixes, texture improvements, new front bumper, new engine bay, interior details, and other general improvements/additions
– Various vehicle extras, added interior equipment/details, and more!
– Lore Friendly Ford Police Interceptor style steelies and hubcap wheels
– Enhanced emergency lighting equipment, with custom carcols.meta for improved lighting that stays true to the vanilla sirens
– Installation via Addon or Replace DLC
– Optional Mapped Development Models with 4k template
– Optional Models and Textures that can revert all vehicles to a more vanilla style!
– Optional Handling.Meta that gives the Interceptor a more realistic driving feel!

Model uses the vanilla lighting, Non-ELS and it will stay that way! So please don’t ask for an ELS conversion, I have no interest in working on any ELS models

Installation instructions are located in the “Readme” file included


– AlexanderLB – Police Computer Screens, Vapid Badges Texture, Bumper Sticker, ELS Control Pad Texture

– Vx5 Voltage – Various Texture Work and Enhancements

– Voit Turyv, Vx5 Voltage – Improved Interceptor Template

– Jacobmaate – LED Spotlight Textures

– Rockstar Games – Original Car Models, Textures, & Vehicle Parts

– Vx5 Voltage – Model Fixes and Improvements, and Parts

– Vx5 Voltage – Ford Interceptor Inspired Steelie Wheels

– Vx5 Voltage – Enhanced Vanilla Lightbar and Lighting Equipment

– Vx5 Voltage – Integrated Dashboard Computer

– 11John11 – Unmarked Ford Interceptor Inspired Wheels

– 11John11 – Enhanced Vanilla Pushbar

– IlayArye – 3D Prisoner Cage Mesh

– Voit Turyv, Skitty – Interior Console and Parts

– Lt.Caine Vx5 Voltage, Fenton – Mapped Interceptor Model

– Voit Turyv, Vx5 Voltage – Improved Template

– MyCrystals! – Blurb Description

– Eddlm – Custom Handling.meta File

– VanillaWorks/Lorify Discord – Testing and Feedback

– 11John11, Bravo_1_Charile, Vx5 Voltage – Screenshots

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