Police Riot Control Unit Transporter [Add-on] 3.1

Police Riot Control Unit Transporter [Add-on] 3.1

– Sandking (riotpickups, riotpickups2), Speedo (riotvans, riotvans2) and Steed (riotvans3, riotvans4) have 16 seats
– Caracara (riotpickupc, riotpickupc2) has 12 seats
– The remaining vehicles have 14 seats
(AFAIK only with Ultimate Backup’s partner function can make 7+ passengers enter the vehicle. Other scripts such as Simple Trainer’s bodyguard function can only make 7 passengers enter the vehicle)

1. copy the ‘rcut’ folder to the file path “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/”
2. open OpenIV, navigate to ‘dlclist.xml’ in “mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/”. Add “< Item>dlcpacks:/rcut/< /Item>”

Spawn name:
riotsuve (Executioner with CA-Spec lights)
riotsuve2 (Executioner)
riotsuvg (Granger with CA-Spec lights)
riotsuvg2 (Granger)
riotsuvg3 (New Granger with CA-Spec lights)
riotsuvg4 (New Granger)
riotpickupb (Bison with CA-Spec lights)
riotpickupb2 (Bison)
riotpickupc (Caracara with CA-Spec lights)
riotpickupc2 (Caracara)
riotpickups (Sandking with CA-Spec lights)
riotpickups2 (Sandking)
riotpickupy (Yosemite with CA-Spec lights)
riotpickupy2 (Yosemite)
riotvanr (Rumpo with CA-Spec lights)
riotvanr2 (Rumpo)
riotvans (Speedo with CA-Spec lights)
riotvans2 (Speedo)
riotvans3 (Steed with CA-Spec lights)
riotvans4 (Steed)


SAS994 – edit model; vehiclelayout
ShaoyeBen – give me the motivation to finish this pack
Rockstar Games – original model
M4k3 – GTA SA Steed model
Thundersmacker – GTA IV Bravado Bison
GCT – edited Executioner model; converted Steed to GTA IV; Original de-offroaded Sandking XL GTA IV; Yosemite model
Carrythxd – converted Executioner to GTA V
Dani02 – improved Executioner model; handling; Steed bug fixes; Bison, Sandking and Yosemite conversion
TheF3nt0n – reconverted Executioner to GTA V; converted Steed to GTA V; mapped Caracara, Speedo, Steed
Lozano71 – Speedo hood mapping and fixes
Glennoconnell – improved Granger model; updated Bravado Bison (Civilian Full-Size)
w/ – Caracara 4×4; edited Sandking; Yosemite utility crate
IlayArye – Steed openable side doors; Yosemite HQ Buffing, UV mapping
Nachtfliege – pushbar model
Jacobmaate – mapped Granger; NOOSE screen
11John11 – LEDs model; Executioner wheels
Vx5 Voltage – police toughbook model;police console improvements
AllenKennedy – fixed Caracara windshield issues
neogeo39 – Caracara paintable rims and plastic arches
Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model; Caracara front bumper, grille
AlexanderLB – Yosemite badges; Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture

Download mod

File File size
rar Police Riot Control Unit Transporter 68 MB

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