US: Ground Vehicles Military [Add-On] Pack 1.2

US: Ground Vehicles Military [Add-On] Pack 1.2

With new updates in GTA we no 2,3 longer use several weapons with gitatory tower.
For now we can only use (1) per tower working normal in the Vehicle of the Package.

Plug-ins mods GTA V

ScripthookV & ASI Loader
OpenIV e OpenIV.asi (RPF)

Log: Version 1.2

1-Update weapon:

You need a trainer to spawn the Vehicles

Name Vehicles \ Spawn in game:

M142 HIMARS Artillery\m142as
LAV-AD Wheels 8×1 \ lavadadv
LAV-25 Wheels 8×1 \ lav25ifv
HMMWV Base spec \ bspec
HMMWV ASRAD \ hasrad
HMMWV Spec Ops \ hmvs
MRAP Cougar 4×4 \ mrap
M1128 Stryker MGS \ m1128s
M1A2 Abrams desert \ abrams
M1A2 Abrams woodland \ abrams2
M1114 Armored desert \ uparmor
M1114 Armored woodland \ uparmorw
M2A2 Bradley desert \ brad
M2A2 Bradley woodland \ brad2
M1114 Unarmed desert \ unarmed1
M1114 Unarmed woodland \ unarmed2



Download mod

File File size
rar US Ground Vehicles Military v1.2 174 MB

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