Kenworth T440 Heavy Wrecker [Add-On | FiveM | Non-ELS] 1.0.3

Kenworth T440 Heavy Wrecker [Add-On | FiveM | Non-ELS] 1.0.3

– Custom Non-ELS Flash-Patterns all around
– Custom Wrecker-Body converted from free 3D model (mapped and textured by myself)
– Custom toggleable Bumper-Guard converted from ATS’s Kenworth T680
– Working tow-hook
– Toggleable Ground-Claws
– Multitude of extras for rear lifters including: Folded Up, Lowered to ground Lifted, Attachment point for Ball-Hitch-Trailers, 5th-Wheel-Trailers and Semi-Trailers
– All Red Whelen Ultra Freedom w/ toggleable takedowns and takedown strobes. (All Amber on Civillian Version)
– Generic Flashers (Split Red & White) for Side lighting. (Amber & White on Civillian Version)
– Generic Flashers (Red & Amber) for Rear lighting.
– 4 Whelen Vertex 360s – 2 on Hood, 2 on Grille in Red and White. (Amber & White on Civillian Version)

– Initial Release

– Added Singleplayer version

– Exchanged livery texture of hvywrecker.ytd with a transparent texture, this should make it colorable
– Fixed issue where the body texture would be messed up due to spelling error in livery-texture’s name
– Fixed issue in content.xml of the DLC.rpf (thanks to @mortid)

– Finally fixed the issue where the body textures would be messed up due to an error on my part within the model’s ytd (thanks again to @mortid, you’ve earned yourself a spot in the credits)

The “SADOT”-Livery shown in the pictures/video above is NOT included on the “hvywrecker” as it is a private, custom livery of our server. The hvywrecker has a transparent livery allowing you to change its color.
Feel free to make liveries for both trucks using the template provided in the ZIP-file. Do also feel free to release the liveries but please link to the original mod (this page) – Thanks MarcelR

Installation (FiveM)
1. Unzip the Files – In this case the folder called “FiveM” inside the archive.

2. Put the folder called “T440Wreckers” into your server’s resources folder.

3. Add the line “start T440Wreckers” to the server’s server config file.

4. If done correctly, the resource should be ready to use. You can spawn them ingame using the following spawn names fdwrecker and hvywrecker.

Installation (Singleplayer)
1. Unzip the Files.

2. Start OpenIV.

3. Navigate to the ‘mods’ folder or create it in the GTA V folder if you don’t have it.

4. Navigate to or create the file path “update\x64\dlcpacks” within the mods folder.

5. Copy the ‘t440wreckers’ folder found within the Singleplayer archive into the mods folder.

6. Navigate to ‘dlclist.xml’ in update\update.rpf\common\data\. Right click and select “move to mods folder”, or “show in mods folder” if you already have.

7. Add “dlcpacks:\t440wreckers\” to the bottom of the list within the dlclist.xml file.

8. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use. You can spawn them ingame using the following spawn names fdwrecker and hvywrecker.

Known Issues:
– Towing other vehicles sometimes does not work if more than 22 people are on the server or the connection is bad (OneSync fixes this)
– No LODs currently
– Sides sometimes have weird reflections


b4good – Original Author/Converter of the base T440 Cab.
bagged – Help with making the tow hook work.
0taku – Whelen Ultra Freedom.
OfficerFive0 – Whelen Vertex 360 Super LED
Dunning – Helping with model issues.
mortid – Bug fixing
Luxart – Generic Flashers (Ambulance Sidelights)
SCS Software – Bumper-Guard from American Truck Sim

Download mod

FileFile size
zip T440Wrecker10382 MB

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  1. So i installed this into single player and it is a great looking rig however the lights do not work properly. Any suggestions?

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