Battlefield 4 MTAR-21 v 1.1

Battlefield 4 MTAR-21 v1.1

Update: Fixed Spec and Normal Maps

Install Instructions:

1. Have OpenIV installed and navigate to this specific location
2. Place both the w_sb_assaultsmg.ydr and w_sb_assaultsmg_hi.ydr files in there
3. All set the mod will work however dont use any optic attachments as it will float

Step 4. Optional If you want to change the camo on the gun find one that you would like and in the w_sb_assaultsmg.ydr
choose Replace on the File named “mtar21_d” and Select the new Texture.

Hope you Enjoy this mod


Mod Created by TrophiHunter
Model/Stock Textures by Dice Camo by TrophiHunter

Download mod

FileFile size
rar BattleField 4 Mtar-2146 MB

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