M249 SAW 1.0

M249 SAW 1.0

Get the marine equipment for Franklin, Trevor and Michael here.

This is a highly fucking detailed model, Raven Software lowered the bar for everyone in terms of absolute amazing quality. The L0 for this weapon is about 45k polys, this is the first weapon where I actually took the trouble to put L1 model into the regular .ydr and the textures are just out of this world. I recommend you download my m145 because it looks awesome with this gun and not only that but there’s a .meta config in this file which allows you to configure the optic so it aligns perfectly with the gun in first person.

Attachments fit the weapon accurately
Accurate muzzle flash
The feed tray lid rotates accordingly to the animation
(no axis rotation bug)
Accurate iron sights
Custom default and extended mags
High quality textures (A8R8G8B8)
Scaled textures for npc (memory optimization)
L0 and L1 models
.meta config for first person optic (m145)

Assets: Raven Software and DICE.

Replaces combatmg



Download mod

File File size
rar M249 48 MB

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