SIG556 [Replace, Modular] V1.0


A rifle based on the SG550 and modified to use the telescopic stock and magazine of the M4 carbine.

Assault Rifle mk2 replace

Kac QDSS NT4 suppressor.
Pmag D-60.
PEQ decoration.

In principle, please install all the listed meta, ydr, ytd.
The official optical sight is misaligned. As an alternative, replacing ‘w at sights 1’ (Holographic Sight) with EXPS3 from FluffyPlays22’s FM Shared Lite [add-on component] will allow zero-in to work properly. Details are in the read me.
Operation has been confirmed only in the story. Basically, we do not support FiveM, etc., so please do it yourself.

How to installation
Described in Readme.
Please read it carefully as it contains details. See also ‘installation path’.

You may encounter the glitches described in my forum topic.


ihcorochris (original mod)
Battlestate Games

Download mod

FileFile size
zip SIG55654 MB

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