Suicide Squad Deadshot’s Weapon Pack 4.0

Suicide Squad Deadshot's Weapon Pack 4.0

I was going to keep this for myself but then I thought I’d be nice and share it with you lads and ladies.
This mod re-texture’s the carbine rifle to resemble Deadshot’s rifle in the movie Suicide Squad. It also re-textures the AP Pistol Deadshot-style.

All installation instructions are given in an Installation readme inside the zip. Easy as pie.


v1.0 Initial release
v2.0 Revised carbine texture
Added support for Golden Grip attachment
Added option for a Golden Scope
v3.0 Added Deadshot AP Pistol
Added Option for 4K Textures
Minor changes to the Carbine texture
v4.0 Resized normal .ydr texture from 4k to original size.

Recommended to be used Barak101′ Suicide Squad Deadshot mod.
NOTE: I changed the recommendation as the eyepiece doesn’t clash with the golden scope 🙂



Download mod

FileFile size
zip SS_Deadshot_Weapons_Pack_v4.0_by_Spud40 MB

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