Makarov Pistol – PM V1.0

Makarov Pistol - PM V1.0

The Makarov pistol is a compact, semi-automatic handgun developed in the Soviet Union in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It was intended to replace the older TT-33 pistol and Nagant M1895 revolver. The Makarov is chambered for the 9x18mm Makarov cartridge, which is slightly less powerful than the 9mm Luger cartridge used in many modern pistols. The Makarov features a simple blowback operation, and a double-action trigger mechanism. It has a 8-round magazine capacity. The Makarov was widely used by the Soviet military and police, and it was also exported to many other countries. It is still in use in some countries today, although it has been mostly replaced by more modern designs.

This mod is a replacement for the SNS Pistol and both of its magazines.

Installations instructions:
Drag the provided files into: Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday8ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf\

Working animations
Extended magazine
4K Textures

Iron sights don’t line up perfectly


New World Interactive – Creation of weapon model
swaggerkaj – Model edits, editing textures, porting to GTA:V

Download mod

File File size
rar makarov 28 MB

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