Colt King Cobra Retexture

Colt King Cobra Retexture

Personally, I didn’t like the chrome version of Jridah’s Colt King Cobra mod so I exported it and used substance painter to create a wood grip texture. Then I adjusted the brightness of the texture to make it less white. I also retextured the bullets for the revolver and added my own markings. Oh, and I made two versions of each variant. One with the king cobra logo and one without. My favourite is the one without.


First download Jridah’s Colt King Cobra mod then install it.

After that download this mod and place the files in


P.S you can rename the files to replace the luxe version if you want so you can have both the chrome and black variant.



Download mod

File File size
rar Colt King Cobra Retexture 89 MB

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