Shoot Rifle from Car V1.0

Shoot Rifle from Car V1.0

This weapons.meta file allows you to use your rifle while driving your vehicle. @DoggSumodo has brought up this idea in a topic. I’ve therefore decided to upload the edit I made to my own weapons.meta publicly. If you want to see how this “tactic” is being used in real life, take a look at this video:

How to install the mod 
Download the file from this page
Open OpenIV and navigate to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai
Enable edit mode and drag and drop the weapons.meta from the downloaded .rar into OpenIV
Disable edit mode and launch GTA-V

How to use the mod
To use the mod simply cycle through your guns inside of your car while having the carbine rifle in your loadout.

Optional Addons
The optional addon download contains a small adjustment to the clip size of the pistol and combat pistol. The magazine capacity now stands at 17 bullets like the Glock 17 which most players will use as their service weapon. If you don’t want to use that optional addon simply download the file labeled with “Main file”

A legal copy of GTA-V



Download mod

File File size
rar ShootRifleFromCar 26 KB
rar ShootRifleFromCar - Optional Addons 67 KB

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