Insurgency Mosin Nagant

Insurgency Mosin Nagant

-This is a gta 5 convert of the Insurgency Mosin Nagant that was converted to gmod. It also looks like it is the first Mosin Nagant on the website.


-Instructions are in the .rar file.


-Good textures,normal maps and model.
-Custom scope on the model so no vanilla scopes.


-no LOD model, but as a small counter for that, i added the original textures inside one of the .ytd’s so it won’t look like a textureless shit on NPCs.
-No magazines
-No moving parts but it isn’t very noticable.
-Lighting bug, not very noticable.
-Attachments don’t work, like at all.


-New World Interactive for original Model.
FoxyFox6576, White Snow

Download mod

FileFile size
rar nagant26 MB

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