Insurgency Sandstorm Attachments Pack V1.2

Insurgency Sandstorm Attachments Pack V1.0

Almost all attachments from INS2 have now been ported to GTA V. It took me way longer than expected but it’s done now. There are lots of options so you can choose what you want.

Replaces all vanilla attachments in GTA V.

Fully animated
2K/1080p textures
Compatible with most weapon mods.
Working emissive reticles and see-through scopes.
Real-time reflections for sniper scopes.

Please note:
None of these has been configured to be usable so most scopes won’t be usable but will be functional. Other than that no other bugs were found. Please report any issues you may have.

Extract the archive and place the files in


Full credit goes to Katka for the original mods on steam. I ported these mods to GTA V. These models are from Insurgency Sandstorm, I take no credit for creating the models or textures.

Download mod

File File size
rar Insurgency Sandstorm Attachment Pack 1.2 946 MB

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