GTA 5 – Play Online after installing mods

GTA 5 - Play Online after installing mods

Constantly i receive messages asking about how to play gta online after installing mods, game wont load with modded files, so, what we need to do?

Depends on the plugins you have installed, if is just ScripthookV (and his sub plugins/mods like ScripthookVDotNet, NIBSHDotNet, menyoo, etc.) you just need to remove the ASI Loader file, the dinput8.dll file from main game folder.

But, you must have original RPF files untouched, this means each time you install a .OIV package you do choosing mods folder option or when you make a change in a RPF file, you do in the RPF inside mods folder.

To be able to use mods folder you must install the OpenIV.asi plugin, to do this, execute OpenIV, go to menu Tools and then click in ASI Manager.

In resume:
-Make sure you have OpenIV.asi plugin installed (OpenIV > Tools > ASI Manager).
-Make changes in RPF files only inside mods folder.
-When the RPF file isn’t in mods folder, click the button in OpenIV to “Copy to mods folder” before make changes in the RPF file.
-Install .OIV packages choosing mods folder option (when the option is available, some mods don’t change RPF files and have this option disabled, it’s normal).
-When going to play online, just remove dinput8.dll file from game folder before launch the game.

Can’t say what to do with other plugins like Rage, Lua, reshades, etc., I never used them properly.



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