Huge villa 2 – Ultra detailed

Huge villa 2 - Ultra detailed

This mod adds a secluded villa on a deserted island on the ocean, it is very impressive. To get there one has access to a private heliport and a small port …

►Thanks in advance for people making donts and at the same time the person who gave me for my previous house. This is the result of 8 days of work, almost three times more than the first.

► All my progress is available here:

► The map contains 2020 objects is impossible to exceed the limit map editor, so I adapted the details based on that.

► If some objects do not appear, there is a fix in the archive that contains some files to replace.

► If some objects do not even appear, try to restart the game, or low your texture quality (for me some objects do not appear in “very high” so I Spent “high”.

It includes:
-A Heliport
-A Port
-A Large entrance hall
-A Large fully equipped living room
-A Game room
-A Gym
-An Elevator
-A Toilet / Storage
-A Desk
-A Modern kitchen
-A Luxury bathroom
-A Bedroom with dressing
-A Large terrace
-An Engine room / Electric

►It is located on the East of the map, an image shows you its location in the text document in archive.

►Installation instructions in the archive.


Guadmaz ►For its perfect map editor.
GTAMultiplayer Team ► For the object spawn unlocker
scorz ► For files object.ini of valids objects.

Download mod

File File size
rar Huge Villa 2 265 KB

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