AkinaV OIV 0.26

AkinaV OIV 0.26

AkinaV or Mountain Akina,
The original model is created for Assetto Corsa by Race king (R.K.)

At this moment, the version of AkinaV is v0.1, I will improve it step by step in future.

Based on the google map, I and Dewalk28 (author of Sakina for GTASA) adjusted original track.
And, because of this, you may feel a little narrow when you drive on the road on AkinaV island.
Especially the hairpin turns, we modified the drop, make it more like real one.

I test the road by drive X80 in game, it tooks me about 7mins.
I believe you guys can beat this record.
Who will be the king of Drift?

Features of AkinaV:
1. Real road size based on google map (you may feel it a little narrow)
2. Amendatory Drop. I modified the drop in hairpin turns based on google map
3. Traffic line. More than 1,200 nodes of trafic line, infect 21 sections (.ynd file)
4. Lights. Street lights, parking area lights, billboard lights, building lights.
5. Mini Map! I create mini map for both pause screen and radar area.
6. more deteails are waiting for you to dig out

How to install:

The main part of AkinaV island:
(1)unzip, and open “dlcoacks” folder, copy “akinaforv” folder into below root:
(2) Run OpenIV, enable Edit mode, go to below path:
find “dlclist.xml”, right click it and choose edit, then put below code into the list:


(3) Congratulation! the AkinaV island has been installed!
Now, you can run the game, and goto north-west on the map to find the island.

(4) Tips: to install AkinaV, you don’t need to install gameconfig.xml.
But, if you already intall some addon mod, then your game may close to the limit of dlc number.
So, I suggest you install a modified version of gameconfig.xml.

Minimap installation:
Want have a better experience?
I suggest you install minimap, so you can see the road on the radar map.
You can open “minimap” folder to find out how to install it.


Yoha, Dewalk28, 陸海涵, Elope

Thanks list:

(1) Amu[大头] (秋名山赛道模型的提供者)
(2) dexyfex (Author of Codewalker)
(3) 3Doomer (Author of GIMS EVO)
(4) Thanks to the OpenIV team
(5) Oleg (Author of ZM3)
(6) Thanks to below tools, Sorry I didn’t found the author of them:
a. RageAssets,
b. Minipl,
c. Json to ytrp php
(7) Thanks R* developed GTAV(8) Testers of my friends: 新疆车神, SR_森然,SxY

Download mod

File File size
zip AkinaV v0.25 136 MB

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