Alto Tajo Hillclimb [Add-on SP/FiveM] V1.0

Alto Tajo Hillclimb [Add-on SP/FiveM] V1.0

Let’s take a trip to Spain with The Tajo Hillclimb, now available for GTA V. This 20KM route has plenty of elevation changes and long sweeping corners, suitable for just about any vehicle class you can spawn. Poveda de la Sierra to Taravilla is the real life location for this map but of course you’ll be close to Los Santos so don’t really worry about that. Have fun racing on this one

Location is East of the main island …pretty hard to miss


– Put the basedaltotajohillclimb folder in the dlcpacks folder (mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks)
– Go to the dlclist.xml and make sure it’s enabled.
Make sure you have ScriptHookV, OpenIV, No Boundary Limits, a Trainer, Packfile/Heap Adjuster and custom gameconfig (all can be found on this website). I tested this in SP and FiveM. It works so double check your game if crashes happen.

There is already a FiveM Package. Use that instead of the SP to FiveM business. It’s amazing how many ppl miss that standalone package
– Drop the basedaltotajohillclimb folder into your server resources and ensure it in the server.cfg

– Maybe increase load distance for tree groups
– Traffic is not getting added so don’t ask



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