Baytree Canyon View – Enhanced & Alive V1.0

Baytree Canyon View - Enhanced & Alive V1.0

Hello people, today I have made another scenario with the help of Map Editor and tried to enhance Baytree Canyon View by giving it some life and adding more objects.

“Looking North onto Alamo Sea, with the majestic Mount Chiliad rising in the distance. The shoreside towns of Grapeseed and Sandy Shores can also be seen”
— Description on the Baytree Canyon View sign

– The place was always a perfect spot for tourists, cyclists, hikers etc., to visit, & have some good relaxing time or even go for picnic scenario out here, but unfortunately devs did not even add some life at this location and left it with all but nothing.

– After playing with my modification you’ll definitely love the idea of how the place would have looked much better with the added objects & pedestrians in here making the environment even better than it used to be.

Steps to Install:
Step 1: Install Map Editor 2.13 script by Guadmaz
Step 2: Go to ‘Baytree Canyon View – Enhanced & Alive’ and copy ‘BaytreeView.xml’ to your Grand Theft Auto 5 main directory.
Step 3: Run the game, press F7 to open up the Map Editor script & load BaytreeView.xml.
Step 4: Visit Baytree Canyon View & enjoy some real good time as a tourist here.

– Baytree Canyon is a canyon located in the Great Chaparral, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. I’ve added the location in the screenshots folder as well.


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