Bayview Lodge – Enhanced & Alive V1.0

Bayview Lodge - Enhanced & Alive V1.0

Hello everyone, so this is my first mod in which I have used Map Editor to enhance the Bayview Lodge located in Paleto Forest, Blaine county.

– So now you can visit Bayview Lodge with your friends and family for some good time or even stay there for a night
or two to enjoy the vibes and environment of countryside.

– I’ve added some pedestrians and props to make it look more alive.


*IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO FIRST INSTALL: [MLO] Bayview Lodge Motel & Store Interiors 1.0 by Bamboozled*

Step 1: First install Map Editor (2.13) script in your GTA 5 folder.

Step 2: Put bayview.xml in your game directory

Step 3: Run the game and press F7 to open Map Editor and load ‘bayview.xml’.

Step 4: Visit Bayview Lodge & enjoy:)

Known bugs: Some peds might not spawn sometimes (I’m working on it)


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