Handheld Flashlight Icon Retexture 1.0

Handheld Flashlight Icon Retexture 1.0

Have you ever got frustrated by GTA having the huge cutscene flashlight icon in the weapon wheel, well, you don’t have to worry anymore. My mod retextures the default flashlight icon to the hendheld VOM FEUER flashlight.

I’ve mainly made this mod for my fellow LSPDFR officers that get annoyed the same as me, when they see the huge LSPDFR flashlight (you can retexture it to the handheld flashlight by editing the “Ambient.DisablePlayerFlashlightOverride” to true).

Installation instructions:
1.) Open OpenIV
2.) Go to mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/cdimages/scaleform_generic.rpf/hud.ytd (I recomend using OpenIV’s searching bar at the right top corner)
3.) Go inside the “hud.ytd”
4.) Replace the “weapons_dlc_bb” with my version
5.) That should be it



Download mod

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