Fukuoka Urban Expressway WMMT [FiveM / SP / YMAP] V2.1

Fukuoka Urban Expressway WMMT [FiveM / SP / YMAP] ALPHA 1.0

This map mod is in a very basic ALPHA stage. Any comments that repeat bug/issue/missing feature(s) that are already in the description will be ignored!

First time releasing something in a long time. Since no one has released this map for GTA 5 yet I might as well do it. I mean like… what good does it do just sitting on my SSD Lmao. This is the first of, probably, many map mods converted from Assetto Corsa I will be releasing publicly. If you are interested in which map mods I’m working on or already completed check the bottom of this description for the forum post.

If you remember the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune games then this might ring a bell. It’s no Shuto Expressway but it sure can scratch that itch for people needing that little bit of Japanese highway racing. To the aspiring JDM racers this might just be a great stretch of urban roadway to burn some rubber on. And for all those Sunday cruisers the scenery is delightful, passing by the beaches of Fukuoka, Japan. I initially made this mod for FiveM only however the public release has a single player version as well.


Make sure you have ScriptHookV, OpenIV, No Boundary Limits, a Trainer and custom gameconfig (all can be found on this website)
Put “fukuoka_wmmt” in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
Add “fukuoka_wmmt” into the dlclist.xml

Drop the fukuoka_wmmt folder into your resources folder and ensure it in the server.cfg

You can use this map in cinematics and other media just make sure you give credit to me and the SRP Discord.
Graphics mod used for screenshots: VisualVanilla V1.5

Converted from an Assetto Corsa map mod in the Shutoko Revival Project discord
Models for Assetto Corsa downloaded from Fukuoka Urban Expressway! by StreetVersion on Youtube



1 thought on “Fukuoka Urban Expressway WMMT [FiveM / SP / YMAP] V2.1

  1. I’m glad to see you
    Thanks for the nice map mod.
    I was able to introduce it as a single player, but when I tried to drive it, the engine stopped and I could not run due to map restrictions.
    Do you need any other changes?

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