GTA V Remastered: Enhanced [Add-On | YMAP | LODs | OIV | SP | FiveM] V4.4

GTA V Remastered

Please be sure to download the correct file:
If you are running a FiveM server and want to provide this map there then download 3.0-FiveM
Otherwise (common case) if you want to use it on your own device please download version 3.0-SP


This mod without other mods applied works with the original gameconfig.xml and without any heap adjustment.
However, if you are using multiple mods it might be the case that at some point you need to adapt the gameconfig.xml and/or the heap (that is a general statement and is not specific to this mod).
If you are unsure just give it a try without changing the gameconfig.xml and the heap. In case you then experience crashes please install these add-ons as well:

gameconfig.xml by Dilapidated
HeapAdjuster by Dilapidated

Mod Features

Works as Add-On Ymaps, this means perfect integration in the game.
7000 more variety objects added around L.S. (trees, palms trees, plants, benches, bins, litters, terrasses/tables/chairs, chickens, … and so much more).
All props are manually placed with different orientation, size and rotation.

Installation instructions are in the ReadMe.



This map is based on the map GTA V Remastered in version 2.0b by le__AK
I want to thank him very much for that great map and his permission to publish this extension.

3.5/5 - (2 votes)

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