GTS Addon – Karoon City Update v2

GTS Addon - Karoon City Update v2

This mod is a map complement of “Grand Theft Space (GTS)” mod by GTS Devs. You’ll have to install GTS before to install my mod (working download link below).

I created a city under construction on the island of the planet Karoon, with lots of houses, buildings, inhabitants, scenes …
There are also some interiors (presidential residence, appartment, office etc).
This is one of my first map mod created thanks to GTS mod. Many others will follow 🙂

WARNING: This mod adds 2048 objects in the world, so you could have some lags, and you will have to load the map in an empty zone, without any other peds, vehicles or props (in space / ocean).

See readme.txt file
known bugs:

– Sometimes some textures disappear and reappear. This seems related to the objects themselves.
– Rare collision bugs can cause you to go through some objects … I am working on it.
– I added mountains in the background to hide lights from Los Santos which can load at night on the horizon (GTS bug).

If you have any problem with this mod, please leave a comment, we will try to solve it as fast as possible.


– GTS Devs for “Grand Theft Space” and all those who made it possible to create GTS mod
– Guadmaz for “Map editor”
– GTAMultiplayer Team for “Object Spawn Unlocker”
– A1Draco for “Increased Props”
– Shaezbreizh & Mixtro & Dekurwinator & BlueJeansGamer for “Custom Props Add-On”
– OmegaKingMods for “Map Builder”
– OpenIV Team, Alexander Blade, crosire & contributors …

Download mod

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