Reservoir Air Base (WIP) 6.0

Land Act Reservoir Air Base

The Land Act Reservoir Air Base (L.A.R.A.B.) is a private espionage/military air base facility constructed on top of the dam reservoir in the middle of Tataviam Mountains of Los Santos.


>Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) on the launch ramp for the fast launch/ take off from the facility.
>Huge hanger; big enough to hold a cargo plane and several other aircrafts.
>State of the art technology, “Glowing Landing Ground (GLG)” ensures L.A.R.A.B. can be easily be spotted during night for a safe landing.
>Multiple helipads throughout the facility.
>Electromagnetic Advanced Arresting Gear (EAAG) throughout the base to slow down the aircraft while landing.
*This Project was created using Menyoo Object Spooner*

Install these if you don’t have them.

Script Hook V
Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]

Place these in your GTA V directory.


*Ensure you have the latest version of the game and menyoo trainer to ensure all props load*
>Place the “LARAB __.xml” in GTA V Directory\menyooStuff\Spooner
>Spawn menyoo menu once in game; select object spooner > select manage saved files > select “LARAB__.xml” > select load placements



Download mod

File File size
zip Reservoir Air Base V6 8 MB

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