Oil Rig Bilgeco [OIV | Add-On | YMAP] V0.1.0.1

Oil Rig Bilgeco [OIV | Add-On | YMAP] V0.1

Oil Rig Bilgeco is a supposed oil rig that can be found in the waters near the Humanitarian Laboratories and Research.


  • contains lods;
  • contains a helipad;
  • contains three docks, with different vehicles each;
  • contains lighting, which facilitates the visibility of both water vehicles and aircraft;


  • [ oiv ] – “automatic add-on installation”
    1. Make sure OpenIV is properly installed;
    2. Open the “OilRigBilgeco.oiv” file with the “Open Package Installer” option using “OpenIV”;
    1. Place the folder called “oil_rig_bilgeco” in the “dlcpacks” folder that can be found in this path: “\mods\update\x64\”;
    2. Now add the line below to the file called “dlclist.xml” that can be found in this path: “\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data”;
      • <Item>dlcPacks:/oil_rig_bilgeco/</Item>

      [ add-on ] – “manual add-on installation”

  • [ ymap ]
    1. Need a dlc for custom maps. You can find one in the mod Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter;
    2. Put “oil_rig_bilgeco.ymap” in the path “//mods//update//x64//dlcpacks//custommaps//dlc.rpf//x64//levels//gta5//citye//maps//custommaps.rpf//”;



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