Pimpball My Ride 1 [Menyoo] 1.2

Pimpball my ride 1 1

Pimp BALL my ride 1


What a pleasure ! You go up to 7th heaven and you come back down to earth! By what route? You choose ! But during the descent … you will have fun on the right … and on the left … pay attention! Difficult to access jumps. This map is designed to overheat
any car. Not in a race, but in dizzying jumps and acrobatics. Teleportation points have been placed in several places. (LSPD, LSCustom, casino and others) in order to go up quickly and try another run!

CHALLENGES await you and many more challenges to discover.
1- Place C4 explosives IN THE LOCATION where the balloons are and detonate at the same time. And face this dangerous avalanche head-on!
2- Hit the props of the large statues. (Eyes, teeth, hat, etc.)
3- the perfect big jump, without hitting the barrier and perfectly crossing the tube at 90 ° degrees!

INSTALL: (Extract to: Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner)



Game FIX:

gameconfig — Installation: Open in openIV: mods> update> update.rpf> common> “data”


No Boundary Limits

Packfile Limit Adjuster

Simple Trainer for GTA V – Unlock any new car

Launch Gta 5 Offline Mode: GTAVLauncherBypass


Move all modification files located in: c: \ Program Files \ Rockstar Games \ Grand Theft Auto V
in another directory. If you start the game online there is RISK OF BAN ROCKSTAR GAME ONLINE .

Before modification, for more ease, select the game files and right click
/ properties / attributes: hidden.
You can thus hide the game files so as not to delete them. (rpf file, dll, etc)

To make them visible: folder / right click / folder options / view / restore defaults



Download mod

File File size
rar Pimpball my ride 1 5 MB

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