Take One & Action! (Assassination) – Menyoo 1.2

Take One & Action! (Assassination) 1

Hello agent, today we have another assignment for you, your target is Impotent Rage actor Frank D’Amelio. Franks spouse recently died during childbirth due to stress however the story never made sense when frank explained, upon further investigation it turns out Frank murdered his wife by suffocating her with a pillow, our client wants you to end his contract permanently. Frank is now shooting a video for his next movie and has increased security. Good luck agent and watch out for Frank’s personal bodyguard.

Game and mods below have to be up-to-date


How to install: Drag ‘VineWood.xml’ to GTA V Main Folder/ menyooStuff/Spooner

*Please note: If you pause the game or push NPC’s, animation patterns will break as there are hidden timers for each animation so if you pause the game, the timers will continue.


1.1 – General Fixes
1.2 – Fixed animation glitch



Download mod

File File size
rar OPEN ME 25 KB

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