Top G Assassination V1.2

Top G Assassination 1.0

Good Evening agent, you have been assigned to eliminate a John Doe figure only known as “Top G”. The client has tried to legally persecute him in Romina through legal matters unsuccessfully, the client now wants a permeant solution. Our intel shows the target has booked a section of a high-end restaurant know as Paradise for the entire day. He has also recently upped his security so expect some resistance. Good Luck Agent.

You will be teleported to the map once loaded, some peds can’t ragdoll because it conflicts with animation, guards will shoot if provoked.

Make sure the game, Menyoo and ScriptHookDotNet is all up to date before using the mod.
If you pause the game or push some peds, their animations might stop so reload the map if you have any issues

How to install: Drag/copy the ‘MapMod1.xml’ file into: GTA V Main Folder > menyooStuff> Spooner.
Load in the game with Menyoo. ENJOY



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