World Enhancement [Menyoo] 1.1

World Enhancement [Menyoo] 1.1

This map will greatly enhance Los Santos and the surrounding area with many features. Almost all of the object and ped placements in this map are taken from Rockstar themselves, whether it be from story mode missions, or GTA Online. I have been gradually developing this for about six months now. So here is a rundown of the major features.

Working elevators/Interiors/Rooftop access/Doors:
-Access to Finance and Felony office interiors and rooftops. I picked four different interiors for each location. To change them, change the IPL in the file.
-Access to the small, medium, and large warehouses. The locations are marked in green on the map on the conference table in each HQ.
-Access to most of the GTA Online high end apartment rooftops. The entrance is by the back door on the outside of the building.
-Access to all of the balconies for the Stilt Houses.
-Access to the back room in the 10 car garage.
-Access between the different interiors of the FIB building, as well as a few hidden rooms on the top floor, and the roof.
-Lifts can take you and your motorcycle to the different levels of the construction site in downtown Los Santos. (Hopefully one day someone will make a script to actually make the lift move like in the Assassination mission.)
-Probably a few other rooftops in downtown LS that I have forgotten about.
-Elevator in Military Base Control tower works.

Installation instructions:
-Be sure to have ScriptHookV, Menyoo installed, and the latest patch installed.
-Place WorldEnhancement.xml in the “Spooner” folder, located in the “MenyooStuff” folder that came with Menyoo.
-When you get in game, to load the file, open up Menyoo then select “Object Spooner -> Manage Saved Files -> World Enhancement”, then select “Load Placements”.

Highly recommended mods to use with this:
-Open Interiors (disable Online Apartments/Garage, and Benny’s Blip in ini)
-Benny’s Original Motor Works
-Single Player Apartment
-Menyoo (This one is required for it to work)
-Premium Deluxe Motorsport
-Travel to North Yankton


Alexander Blade: ScriptHookV
MAFINS: Menyoo
abstractmode: HQ placements
Rockstar Games: GTA V itself

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