Alternative Radio Naming Styles 2.01 (Hotfix)

Alternative Radio Naming Styles 2.01 (Hotfix)

This mod changes the way the radio wheel and the radio screens in cars show the radio stations’ names. Instead of just a name, a name with “FM”, a name with a frequency or something like that, now you can see, for example (check the presets and fixes lists for all the options possible) each stations’ frequency (some of them are made up by me and some of them are the actual frequencies of in-game stations), their call signs (all of them are made up) and then the original stations’ names.

For example (Default preset):
Before: Los Santos Rock Radio
After: 102.3 KLSR-FM “Los Santos Rock Radio”

Another example (Default preset):
Before: Vinewood Boulevard Radio
After: 106.7 KVBR-FM “Vinewood Boulevard Radio”

And so on.

There are 4 presets:
– Full radio info (aka “Default preset”): [frequency] + [call sign]+[FM/AM] + “[radio name]” (except for Media Player, hence it’s not supposed to be a radio station)
– Cyberpunk 2077 style: [frequency] + [radio name but without frequency, like in the case of Space 103.2] (except for Media Player)
– Real car radio style: [frequency] + [AM/FM] (for Media Player, it says “AUX” now, while “Radio Of” is blank, as if you turned off the actual car radio)
– Watch Dogs 2 style: [radio name] + [call sign]-[FM/AM if its known that a certain station broadcast on either]

All of those presets come with 2 optional fixes:
– Kult FM and Channel X frequency conflict fix (Rockstar Games made Channel X and Kult FM broadcast on the same frequency, which is 99.1 FM. In real life, this situation wouldn’t be possible. And hence Kult’s ID’s mention that the station broadcasts on 99.1 FM, while Channel X’s proof of being on the same frequency is just one billboard, I’ve decided to change Channel X’s frequency to either 99.11 FM or 99.3 FM)
– WCTR on AM (same problem, as described above, exists with WCTR and West Coast Classics. To solve this issue, I’ve decided to use the fact that many talk/news radio stations in the United States tend to broadcast on both AM and FM frequencies, so let’s say we recieve an AM signal of WCTR, rather than the FM one)



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