Ambient Police Patrols 1.1

Ambient Police Patrols 1.1

This mod will add ambient patrolling police around the map. Variables have been tweaked to match real life values for the United States, with little foot patrols unlike other mods of this type.

This mod only adds the ambient police driving around. If you want to be pulled over, I highly suggest using Pull Me Over however, his version of my mod (cops on patrol) has (in my opinion) too many foot patrols so I created this.

The following files are what is modified (in the mods folder)

Once the file is downloaded, use the openIV package installer to install this mod.

If you are using the advanced persistence mod, you must set in that mods config EnableVehicleStreamer=true or there will not be police cars driving around, which would uh, really defeat the purpose of this mod.



Download mod

File File size
zip Ambient Police Patrols 22 KB

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