Dark & Realistic Reshade Preset V1.0

Dark & Realistic Reshade Preset V1.0

The Dark & Realistic reshade is a reshade made to give users the best experience possible whilst not only preforming well but looking amazing at the same time
Do note this reshade is quite dark to give off the realistic effect and this is done by tuning the amount of contrast in the preset.
Also if your game looks blurry whilst using this preset uncheck the FXAA shader as this works to make some peoples games looks smoother and for others it does not work aswell

1. Download reshade
2. Open the Reshade.exe
3. Scross down to try find your GTA.exe and if its not there then browse for it in your games directory then click on the GTA.exe then press next
4. After that press next again as its automatically sekects DirectX 10/11/12
5. When prompted, select Yes to download a set of standard ReShade shaders.
6. Wait until you see “Succeeded!” in the top-left corner of the installer.
7. When installing ReShade, install all the optional shaders
8. Open your game and then press they “Home” Key
9. Make sure the Preset is in your GTA Directory and then you can add it by using the drop down menu at the top of the screen then selecting the preset

The full version needs Marty McFly’s RayTraced Global Illumination and you can get it from his Patreon



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