Gore Realism V5.0

Gore Realism V2.0

Gore Realism is a mod that adds Variety, Brutality, and a Realistic touch to Rockstar’s Gore Engine for GTA 5. We would really appreciate any feedback you can give us in the comments!

Features of the mod include:
Based on the gun’s caliber and gun type, wound sizes will vary and will have a different size everytime.
“3D” Wounds.
To add more realism, red blood clouds will appear for headshots, high caliber gun hits, and smoke effects when shooting with smaller calibers.
A realistic size for exit wounds.
Realistic Blood pools.
Headshots that look messy and have a realistic wound size.
Nasty shotgun wounds.
Realistic Blood Clouds.
Realistic damage decals when you hit a ped in the face.
Realistic Melee decal sizes.
Realistic damage decals on walls etc.
Realistic Soaking: Times,Shape and Color
Wounds that dry overtime.
Head Deformation.

Known Bugs:
No Currently Known bugs.

The Installation is very Simple First of:

You will need OpenIV.

The 2nd Step is to Create a Mods folder and install all the ASI Files of OpenIV. I also Recommend Creating a Backup while Installing Mods.

The Final Step is to download this Mod and Install it via OpenIV Modpackage Installer, You simply drag and drop the OIV File into OpenIV and click Install.


adorlz & 1911shorty

Download mod

FileFile size
rar GRV5107 MB

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