KoreaBank’s Euphoria (KBE) V1.4

KoreaBank's Euphoria (KBE) V9.5


Hi, I Developed This mod Closest to Gta iv and Max Payne 3’s euphoria.
This Mod Modifies The Physics from the game.
All versions have Different kind of variety.
Worked on like 2 weeks for the first version. idk but it was worth it.
I got not much else to say. but This is great af, i got surprised by myself making this.

OIV files got corrupted. Maybe OIV files are gonna be able to use later.

Requires OpenIV and “Mods” foler.
Create one mods folder if you don’t have.

( Main file )
Install “physicstasks.ymt” into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-Update-Update.rpf-x64-data-tune
replace it with physicstasks.ymt.

( Not necessary )
Install files inside “naturalmotion” into:
-OpenIV-Grand Theft Auto V-Mods-common.rpf-data-naturalmotion
Replace wilma.xml, wilma_large.xml, fred.xml and fred_large.xml.

( Not necessary )
Install files inside “x64a.rpf” into:
\OpenIV\Grand Theft Auto V\Mods\x64.rpf\data\tune
replace it with physicstasks.ymt.

Works with:
Mods foler or Original folder.
Intel core i5-6600 or above (My current CPU. Not tested lower CPUs).
Nvidia GTX 970 or above (Not tested lower GPUs).
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti or above (My current GPU).

Brings the Closest Euphoria from max payne 3 and gta IV rolling.
Makes the Euphoria smooth and satisfying.

Bugs And Glitches:
Peds will sometimes go through the floor and start to glitch when they are on the floor.

These Issues May be fixed soon.

This mod is based on original bullet forces but every mod that effects bullet forces are compatible with this mod. Personally recommend to use immersive combat.



Download mod

FileFile size
zip KoreaBanks Euphoria7 MB

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