GTA 5 W.E.R.O (Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) V2.0.4

GTA 5 W.E.R.O (Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) V2.0.3

This euphoria mod’s goal is to look closest to GTA IV. Leave feedback if you have any! Hope you enjoy the mod!

RECOMMENDED (pick one):
Vanilla Weapon Damage (GTA 4 vibe)
Immersive Combat Mod (for intense action)

A message to people that are super interested in looking into the hard work i’ve put (and maybe using it as a base file to get the same effects but have reactions to your own taste):

Please note that if you want to modify my file or use any of my assets/use my base file for your mod as a beginner, then please ask for my permission first! Also, if you want to upload a mod that has similar behaviours as someone’s else mod but some of the behaviours are from my mod (which i really don’t recommend doing), then ask for permission from both the creator you are taking the assets from and me, because i don’t want to possibly create any arguments between other mod creators that deliver similar mods as me. If you want to make an euphoria mod on your own and need help, you can join the discord server above this text. There i can help you with any questions you need regarding euphoria physics modding. I’ll try my best to help on time. Thank you!

Mod Features:
-GTA IV Gravity (Zolika Trainer recommended so you can turn on “Unlock Ragdoll Max Speed”)
– GTA IV Falling Reactions
– Fully recreated GTA IV Rolling reactions
– GTA IV Gunshot Reactions
– Traumatic brutal headshots
– Realistic Burning
– Realistic explosion reactions
– Improved explosion ragdoll radius
– GTA IV vehicle bailout reactions
– Brutal Shotgun Reactions
– 2 Different shot reaction death options you can choose from

And much much more that gives you the most fun euphoria ragdoll mod experience to date

How to install the euphoria mod into your game, its easy.
just navigate to mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune and paste the physictasks.ymt file there.
for behaviours, go to mods/common.rpf/data/naturalmotion and replace my behaviours.xml with your current one



Download mod

File File size
rar WERO V2.0.4 1 MB

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